Award-winning, signature serigraph,

entitled Rosa Parks "Quiet Courage,”

autographed by Rosa Parks and signed

by the Artist.

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Rosa Parks "Quiet Courage" (Charcoal)




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Rosa Parks "Quiet Courage" (Serigraph)





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Rosa Parks "Quiet Courage" (Charcoal)

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Rosa Parks "Quiet Courage" (Serigraph)

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Rosa Parks "Quiet Courage" (Comm. Poster*)

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Rosa Parks “Quiet Courage” Prominent Locations List

The following is a list of the prominent locations for Jameel Rasheed’s award winning serigraph, “Quiet Courage”, autographed by Rosa Parks.

The creation of Rosa Park’s “Quiet Courage” is a testimony that Jameel believes that history should be preserved for memory, and most certainly the day Rosa Parks refused to relinquish her seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. “Quiet Courage” depicts a woman of quiet humility and most of all, courage.

During a tributary Ad Campaign, Target Corporation purchased the Licensing Permission to use Rosa Park’s “Quiet Courage” image in Full Page Ads commemorating her life contributions. These ads were run in the following publications:

  • USA Today, October 28, 2005
  • New York Times, October 30, 2005
  • Montgomery Advertiser, October 28, 2005
  • Detroit Newspaper Partnership, October 30, 2005

“Quiet Courage” is also displayed permanently and proudly owned by the following:

  • Real Estate Investors, Bill and Brenda Galloway of Pasadena, California own the original “Quiet Courage
  • Troy University's Rosa Parks Library & Museum, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Office of Congresswoman Diane E. Watson, (D) House of Representatives, State Capital, Washington D.C.
    and the Los Angeles Office of Congresswoman, Diane E. Watson
  • The Nationl Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African American Culture at Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama
  • The Rosa Parks Transit Center, Lynwood California
  • Montgomery Transit Center, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Rosa Parks Sexual Abuse Center, Inglewood, California
  • Firsts Tuskegee Bank, Tuskegee, Alabama
  • Citi Bank Corporation Headquarters, Glendale, California
  • Office of Greg Cunningham, Regional Marketing Director, Target Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • (5) Churches attended by Rosa Parks during the bus boycott, including Dr. King’s church: Dexter Ave. King Memorial Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama
  • City Hall, Lynwood California
  • City Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
  • City Hall, Pasadena, California
  • Pasadena Public Library, Pasadena, California
  • Residence of Councilman Chris Holden, California
  • Otis Williams, Fine Art Collector, last living legend of the original “Temptations”, California
  • Office of Raphael Henderson, Citi Bank Regional Dir./1 st Vice President
  • El Camino College, Torrance, California
  • Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, California – Associate Students purchased as a class gift for the Class of 1996
  • Los Angeles Urban League, Los Angeles, California
  • Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper, Los Angeles, California
  • The Brotherhood Crusade, Los Angeles, California
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Los Angeles, California
  • Office of Dr. Leon Davis, President/CEO of the Community Care Network, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Jock M. Smith, Law Office of Cochran, Cherry, Givens & Smith, P.C., Tuskegee, Alabama
  • Office of Mary Hooks, Florida Department of Labor & Employment Security, Tallahassee, Florida
  • Office of Diane Delaware, Past President, The Black Women’s Leadership Council, Los Angeles, California
  • Westfield’s Fox Hills Mall, Macy’s Department Store, 3 rd Floor, Culver City, California
  • Office of Elmora Peoples, Corp. President, CEO, Oval P. Enterprises, Manassas, Virginia
  • Tutto Italy, Men’s Imported Fashions, Los Angeles, California
  • Robert F. Kennedy Medical Center, Hawthorne, California
  • Moses Professional Services, Beverly Hills, California
  • Carthage College, Kenosha Wisconsin – Donated by Thomas J. McGrath & Family of Arlington Heights, IL on behalf of the Class of 1966
  • The Ebony Art in Customing Framing, Pomona, California
  • Santa Fe Springs Transportation Center, Norwalk, California
  • St. Francis Medical Center, Lynwood, California


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