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Jameel Rasheed - About the Artist

Jameel Rasheed is an Internationally Acclaimed Fine Artist, based in Los Angeles, California. Through the use of charcoal, his primary medium, Rasheed makes his powerful message rise from the canvas. His work focuses on African-Americans of the past and present, legendary and contemporary, while also paying homage to African warriors and nobility that project positive images. Rasheed's passionate creativity extends further to include rich depictions of African wildlife on canvas. He is currently working on a calendar and a book about the study of African wildlife through the use of charcoal.

Jameel Rasheed when asked how has his artistic talents impacted his life most; Rasheed tells a story that has brought him full circle, He was 19-years-old, living in Boston with his parents. He attended Dorchester High School in the late 1960’s and had entered his first art contest, after creating an illustration of a coat, which was entitled “Relaxation”. After submitting “Relaxation” to the Boston Globe’s annual school district art contest, Rasheed was notified that he had won an award that included a four-year scholarship to a well-renowned art institution in Little Rock, Arkansas.

When the award committee arrived from Little Rock to present Rasheed with his award, they had no idea that their soon-to-be Protégé, at that time known as Howard Badgett, was black. Upon their discovery, the committee revoked the scholarship, explaining that it would be too controversial for a Black Student to attend an all-white school in Little Rock. That experience often makes Rasheed wonder if it was coincidence or divine intervention, that he would later be awarded for his historical Serigraph of Rosa Parks entitled “Quiet Courage”.

Currently there is a coalition to promote Jameel Rasheed's Serigraph of Rosa Parks “Quiet Courage” into a U.S. Postal Stamp. But for now, Jameel Rasheed is simply looking forward to upcoming art tours featuring his work. As for the future, whatever it holds, the artist formerly known as Little Badgett is READY!!!!

For over 20 years Rasheed was a professional model, the industry was interesting to him and he opted to move to Los Angeles, and pursued a bachelor's of fine arts degree in fashion illustration. While in an illustration class Rasheed drew “The Bushman”. The instructor took one look at his work and "told me, if I was to draw with so much attention to detail, emotion and character, that I might want to take the art industry more seriously." And the rest is history……….